J.K. Rowling regrets Ron and Hermione's relationship

OHMYGOD Rudra and Paro are so cute

I can’t get over it! I really like them together. And the show is so amazing. I heard they’ve even written the 1st 100 epsiodes already so it has to be awesome for another 100 episodes.

Anonymous asked: Hello! I love all your edits, they are absolutely stunning. <3 Especially love your recent edit of RR. Can I ask where you downloaded the first episode of Rang Rasiya?

Sorry for the late reply! I downloaded it from desirulez.net


The first episode of Rang Rasiya was absolutely stunning! I honestly felt like I was watching a movie… The cinematography was fantastic, the music was so on point and the way the show’s main story line was portrayed was AMAZING!
Special mention to the kid who acts as Rudra, he stole the episode… That is till Sanaya showed up in that colourful neon green and pink choli looking as radiant and beautiful as ever.
I really hope they aesthetically keep doing what they did for this episode throughout the course of the show.
Bravo Colours!

That’s exactly how I felt! It was so well done! I was very pleasantly surprised!